Remember that time Colossus fucked Kitty through the floor?

lol its totes fine..charles can walk now, and him and magneto both ditched their friends from the last film

havok shows up for .5 seconds and i think beast chills with charles? mystique’s busy being hardcore while magneto’s in jail and i guess his hellfire bros have disappeared?? (aka they know they’re too cool for this shit)

but yeah charles walking and then notwalking a second later kind of pissed me off because why?? like it’s not even consistent. it’s also with beast; regular nick hoult one second then blue and furry the next. i wondered if it’s just charles doing some telepathic shit, to make it look like he’s walking and beast isn’t blue, but i’m not entirely sure that would make sense either


"Some say knowledge is power, some tell us that all power comes from the gods, others say it derives from law."

ok i don’t give a shit about tfios but all the “it’s a metaphor” jokes are already getting annoying


This user is not following you? More like this loser is not following you.



Yuan Zai at the Taipei Zoo in Taiwan.
© Taipei Zoo.


Yuan Zai at the Taipei Zoo in Taiwan.

© Taipei Zoo.


i know the number of kudos or notes or bookmarks or reviews or any kind of feedback doesn’t determine the value of something but it’s just like

when you really love something

and you work so hard on it

and put so much effort into it

and are so proud of yourself for it

you kind of just want some sense of validity in a way from someone else that what you did was indeed worth it and knowing that other people liked what you did or were interested in what you did brings that feeling of security like “yeah i worked hard on this and it meant something not only to me but to other people”


To people who followed me for one specific fandom, I am so so sorry





1) Give me a pairing.

2) Give me an AU setting.

3) I will write you a three-sentence fic.


I’m out of prompts, send me more!

Well no, actually, I still have one, but it turns out I don’t actually have a very clear idea of what a frathouse is? Send me more while I google that.

I’ll probably end up writing more than three-sentences BUT SEND ME PROMPTS