Brendan and May as they appear in their Pokemon Contest attire. I personally hope we can choose the outfits they wear for contests.

its good to see what the dudes hair FINALLY LOOKS LIKE


Reuben Wu 
I like your post about how you're becoming suspicious of Gil :o Is there anything else that makes you suspicious of him other than what he said in this latest update?


On the surface Gil is a nice person. It’s just after so many years of isolation and being spoon fed TITAN its warped his view of the world.

I made a point a while ago that from the age of four to recently Gil has never met anyone who had a negative view on TITAN. He spent years in a boarding school, then went to a totally isolated planet. 

TITAN doesn’t give its followers or recruits any time to go out and create an unbiased opinion. Theres a reason Gil’s space ship had locked coordinates, and I bet its not only to ensure that they don’t steal the ship. 

I can actually bring up the panel that made me wary of him.


After that the unsettling moments just kept appearing.




Though in my opinion any thing that we consider bad, like throwing Ava and Odin in some sort of jail, or perhaps abandoning Maggie in a ‘learning facility’ would in Gil’s mind be the right thing to do in the eyes of TITAN. He in his own twisted way would see it as for the better and for these crazy kid’s safety.




in today’s warmup i got a bit sidetracked!


in today’s warmup i got a bit sidetracked!

I might not be going to NYCC this year but I can still stealth-cosplay Mako Mori

(I just need help with the blue tips)

make me choose: raleigh beckett or mako mori


am i macklemore than you bargained for yet?